Getting Older Does NOT Mean Living Alone!

old man


Flatsharing is sure fun when you’re in your 20’s or maybe even 30’s but London is becomes a
hard place to live in. With less and less flats available and the rent prices are raising faster than
ever before, many people in their 40’s are forced to share a flat. The number is frightening, as
one in eight people how share flats is over 40’s, a figure that is rapidly rising. In just over six
months, the number of over 40’s living in a shared accommodation has risen from 2000 to 12.000.


To some, this comes as no surprise. With the average rent for a studio in London of £1,100 per
month and a two bedroom flat of £1,200, experts find this type of trend understandable.
Sharing a flat with another person will cost you at about £650 per month or £450, If you stay
with two other flatmates.


To make matters feel worse, statistics say that buying a place is almost the same as renting it,
but with the rents so high, people can hardly save money. Sometimes, this problem can
produce other problems. There are over 250.000 London couples who live together, and over
150.000 have remained living together after their relationship has ended. Other problems
caused is that people are forced out of their flats because the landlords have decided to sell


They way things are now, multiple flatshare websites have stated that this trend will only grow
in the future, or as long as someone does not take any measures and fix this problem.