What do students need in their accommodation?

Students using laptop together outdoors

Recently, a survey was conducted to see what needs students have when living in their rental or shared accommodation. Investing in student property is still popular among buy-to-let landlords, who are enticed by the thought of substantial rental yields, low void periods and manageable tenants.
The survey was conducted on 500 tenants and the results are somewhat expected. Let’s take a look at the info-graphic bellow:



We did a survey on what worries the students the most. With the cost of going to university is currently at its highest ever level, all the other financial problems seem to given a little less attention. However, in the mind’s of the students, they are equally important.  These are the top financial worries were found to be:



Mish Liyanage, Managing Director of the Mistoria Group, said, ‘our data shows the vast majority of students want to live in high quality, shared accommodation, with good internet access and affordable bills. We also know from previous research that the overwhelming majority of students (80%) want to live in shared accommodation with friends. Only 5% want halls of residence and just 3% of students want to live in a self-contained room or flat.’

‘If landlords and investors provide the right type of property, they will be able to attract lucrative students,’ Liyanage continued. ‘Student accommodation offers investors a number of attractive features such as high yields as students settle for less space than other tenants; high occupancy; and it is neatly counter-cyclical, as more people go to university during economic downturns.’