SAPA serves as an independent mediation body for disputes between various parties within the shared accommodation service industry. We offer administrative services to process and settle issues between tenants, licensees, agents, landlords and other interested parties. This service is a free and fair alternative in order to settle which can otherwise be lengthy and costly disputes.

For a simple low fee of 10 pounds per party, you can submit documentation and transcripts to SAPA, along with a joint agreement from all parties that they are willing to have SAPA rule on the issue. All documentation and records will be reviewed and a arbitration decision issued within 10 working days of receipt.

NB: SAPA does not have any legislative weight on the outcomes, or decision handed out by SAPA, however provides an out-of-court alternative to any disputes presented. Independent arbitrators will remain anonymous so as to protect their own identity, but also to remain non-bias no any related parties.

Applicant(s) – The person asking for a dispute resolution

Landlord / Managing agent


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