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The steady growth and continuation of UK rental demand and increase in rent prices too excessive for tenants has given birth to a new category of landlord – ‘The Shared Accommodation Provider.’

A 'SAP' or Shared Accommodation Provider is a professional, who owns or manages a property where rooms are rented individually and tenants share facilities like bathrooms and kitchens. This means that the house is shared by people which represent more than one household.

Although a new category in the letting industry, SAPs are starting to appear all across the UK; offering affordable accommodation to students and young professionals and simultaneously redefining the letting industry.

However, due to the undefined market, SAPs share a mixed reputation across the UK. On the one hand, they present an efficient solution for housing shortages across the country and on the other hand, a number of fraud cases in the Rent to Rent and shared accommodation sector have stained the industry reputation.

The vision of SAPA is to unite, define and regulate this industry, set quality standards and clear the name of accommodation providers across the UK. “We believe that sharing is resourceful, improves social relations and is a clever alternative to expensive accommodation or housing shortages. SAPs provide housing to millions of people in the UK and has fast become a mainstream player in the property industry.”

During the last decade the number of companies operating multi-let businesses (SAPs) has risen dramatically - creating business opportunities for letting agents and property managers. This has also presented potential threats when letting properties to unregulated SAPs. These obstacles have to be addressed and prevented in order to take full advantage of such opportunities.

Our Certification program for SAPs provides landlords, property managers and estate agents with certainty and assurance of good practices from our SAPA certified members. Our association carries out the necessary steps needed to establish clear and transparent operational guidelines are followed as well as a due diligence on our members.

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