Why SAPA? Who needs SAPA Accreditation? How to get SAPA Accredited?


SAPA UK is a non-profit organization founded by experienced shared accommodation providers with a unique purpose to exchange, connect, and share information, while simultaneously strengthening our position within the property industry.

The SAPA accreditation is the first one of its kind, functioning in the Shared Accommodation industry, it offers the landlords and intermediate landlords the opportunity to establish their position on the market and add the SAPA accreditation logo to their business, a symbol of quality on the shared accommodation that they are providing.

Who needs SAPA Accreditation?

SAPA accreditation serves the actors within the shared accommodation industry that have high quality operational standards, but yet are underrated due to the groups of rogue landlords and ruthless agents. Additionally, it serves those landlords and intermediate landlords that want to differentiate from the vast majority as quality shared accommodation industry actors.

How to get SAPA Accredited?

If you desire to get a confirmation of your already existing quality performance or an assistance to meet the standards, SAPA is the right place for you. SAPA provides a mandatory training to the members that are looking forward to the accreditation. The training is conducted during two half days on annual level, whereas they will be introduced and taught with various practices regarding their field of operations, all with the purpose of achieving the quality of services demanded by the industry consumers, and SAPA accreditation body as well.

Steps in order to get SAPA accredited

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